1000 Lines of Test Code in Five Minutes.

Read data from your Salesforce ORG and convert it into well-structured, deployable Apex test code.

Test classes are your strongest ally against the typical challenges in Salesforce development. With Code Robot, you can create them in minutes and save yourself hours of work. As a result, you will have more test cases and (most importantly) more realistic test cases.

For your enterprise, this means higher quality at lower cost and effort: economists call this higher productivity.

Watch a quick demo (2:00, no sound!)

More detailed demo (2:17, with sound)


Step 1: Create a Project

Imagine one project equals one test class (and you can create as many as you need).


Step 2: Add Records

Select and add records, from a single record to many records from multiple objects. Manage records at a glance under Project Contents.

Step 3: Add Relationships

As you add relationships, Code Robot will put them in the correct order.

Step 4: Generate Code

Click the button to generate code – it’s that simple!

Save your organization many hours of manual, tedious work. Your boss will love you!


Writing test code is a tedious and time consuming task. Often you will find test code like this:


public static createAccount() {
Account A = new Account();
return a;

Will this do the job? Data matters in any business application! With Code Robot, you can create the following method in seconds:

public static Account CRM_Account_0() {
Account A = new Account();
A.BillingStreet = ‘113 Cherry St‘;
A.BillingCity = ‘Seattle‘;
A.BillingState = ‘WA‘;
A.BillingPostalCode = ‘98104‘;
A.BillingCountry = ‘US‘;
A.Phone = ‘(206) 375-8695‘;
A.Website = ‘www.code-robot.com‘;
A.CurrencyIsoCode = ‘USD‘;
A.Status__c = ‘Active‘;
return A;



Pull Data From Any Environment

Code Robot reads data from your ORG and converts it into well-structured, deployable Apex test code. Pull your data from any environment and get ready-to-use code for your test scenarios. Use real data from UAT, pull ticket records from PROD, and experience the next level of quality test coverage.

Cutting edge functionality

  • User-ID resolution
    Code Robot finds referenced users in any of your environments.
  • Deployable record type retrievals
    Code Robot determines the record type by DeveloperName
  • Code Robot automatically detects relationships and puts in the correct insert/update order
    For example, the code will insert the account first and then the related opportunities
  • Automatic bulk handling
    To protect from exceeding governor limit errors, Code Robot detects scenarios that allow list<sObject> inserts

Standard and Custom objects

Code Robot supports more than 60 standard objects (many of which you might have never used before) and all of your custom objects.

No limits

Hundreds of custom fields, dozens of objects? No problem: Code Robot supports all field types and has no limits on the number of fields or objects. Nor does it have a limit on the number of records, and it processes your relationships and lookups automatically.

With Code Robot, developers can generate professional test classes in minutes: Higher code coverage and quality in a fraction of the time.

For more details, please visit our Help Center.

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We launched Code Robot at the Salesforce Developer Conference in San Francisco and received enthusiastic response and lots of feedback.

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