Code Robot Launch at the Salesforce Developer June 28-29 2017

We launched Code Robot at the Salesforce Developer Conference in San Francisco and received enthusiastic response and lots of feedback.

350 developers: Cool! Awesome!

The ability of Code Robot to create Apex test code was a welcome functionality for the more than 350 developers that visited our booth. The time savings and the elimination of a necessary but tedious part of Apex development was immediately visible.

Thank you for visiting us!

Your Code Robot team

Your feedback and questions

Here the questions we were asked most often:

  1. Can Code Robot generate test coverage?
  2. What happens when we add validation rules?
  3. What about test factories?

See our answers below …

Can Code Robot generate test coverage?

Yes and no, fellow Apex developers.

Yes because Code Robot makes it simple to set up a test which is the requirement for every automated test in Salesforce: in most cases, this is the heavy lifting. Invoking your code might just be 2 lines of code …

And let’s not forget: you, the developer, have the brain. But Code Robot types much faster … leave the tedious work of setting up your test to Code Robot.

Many developers asked whether Code Robot can be pointed to an existing code class to have it generate the test code automatically. Point-click and the work is done? Keep dreaming … hopefully we’ll be able to wake you up one day and tell you that your dream has come true!


What happens when we add validation rules?

No worries: Code Robot reads existing data from the database and will convert valid information into valid Apex test code.

Point Code Robot to an invalid record and it will generate code not passing the validation rule! That might be a good thing if you go the extra mile to test whether the validation rule actually works…


What about test factories?

We heard you: Code Robot makes it a bit too hard to add the generated code to a test factory. Right now you’d have to make private methods public manually and organize the code yourself. We’ll take care of this in the next release.

The Demo Jam: we came in as a close second!

Thank you, Salesforce developers!